The Magic that is Tidewater Physical Therapy: Manual Therapy Greatness An athlete’s skill set + a coach’s mindset = Greatness

Physical Therapy

manual therapy1 An athlete’s skill set:
Athletes have a high level of ability to sense their environment and make minute adjustments to maximize their performance. For example: A baseball pitcher will simultaneously feel the dirt below his feet and the slope of the mound while sizing up the height of the batter so that he can adjust the pitch and throw into the strike zone. Great Manual Therapists are great athletes. All Physical Therapists learn manual therapy techniques in school, but great manual therapists are great athletes who can simultaneously take in the sensation of a joint restriction and pain reaction and adjust the force and direction of their technique to affect the winning outcome (the perfect pitch). It is with this type of talent that great manual therapists can “feel” the joint or the muscle tension and perform highly skilled techniques to help patients gain mobility or learn a new movement…

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About Natalie Conway PT OCS ATC

Natalie Conway PT OCS ATC is currently the Area Manager for the Gloucester/West Point area of Pivot Physical Therapy (Formerly Tidewater Physical Therapy Inc.) including three physical therapy clinics and a performance center. Natalie lives in Williamsburg and coaches at Williamsburg Gymnastics in her spare time. She is married to Todd and they are busy raising three very active children, Mikey, Peter and Kayleigh.

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